Pokemon Masters Blissful Bonanza Event Is Underway

Once a day fight off against a team of Blisseys for rare training items and tickets.


The latest online event for the Pokemon Masters mobile game is currently underway, with limited-time only items up for grabs. The Blissful Bonanza event is running from May 13 to May 31, according to the official Pokemon Masters website.

A maximum of 10 Lucky Scrolls can be obtained through ticket exchanges, but other items like 3-star Cookies, Lucky Scrolls, and co-op Sync Orbs have no limit on exchanges. Lucky Scrolls can be used to unlock Lucky Skills, which are passive skills that are randomly assigned to your Pokemon. Usually it takes multiple items from the Battle Villa to unlock them, but this event is a one time chance to grab a myriad of Lucky Skills without grinding too much.

The final day of the event will guarantee players 10 Bliss Tickets, so don’t worry about missing too many daily battle events. Replay tickets will also allow players to challenge the Blissey team again and earn more tickets.

Players who have yet to log on and receive their starter Pokemon egg can still do so.

Pokemon Masters is currently available on both the App Store and Google Play for free, but includes a number of in-game purchases.

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