Pokemon Masters Anniverary Update Changes Its Name To EX, Adds Special Sync Pair

DeNA wants to emphasize how much Pokemon Masters has changed in its first year with the title change.


Pokemon Masters is approaching its first anniversary at the end of August, and to mark the occasion DeNA has taken the unconventional step of changing the game's name. To signify how much the game has evolved since its initial (somewhat anemic) release, the game has been changed to "Pokemon Masters EX." [Update: The name change is officially live, as the new Pokemon Masters EX update is out now. You can check out the full patch notes for a rundown on everything that's changed. Champion Stadium is a key addition and will be added to Explore on August 27.]

The update came alongside several other special events that are now available or coming soon. A new Sync Pair is available for purchase through the shop, featuring Sygna Suit Cynthia and the Dragon-type Pokemon Kommo-o. Sygna Suit trainers are generally stronger than their regular counterparts. The game is also hosting a Legendary Event with the Pokemon trainer Cyrus and Palkia, letting you earn the pair by completing the "New World Dilemma" event. Both Cynthia and the Legendary Event will be available until September 2 at 10:59 PM PT.

As part of the anniversary celebration, the Pokemon Center has gotten some special decorations, and you can claim login bonuses in the Run-Up To One Year Anniversary board. There's also a new Mission Bingo to match, and completing it by August 27 will net you a whopping 3,000 gems, 225 Skip Tickets, and other goodies.

Finally, a Lance and Dragonite sync pair will be available in the Spotlight Scout starting August 19, and lasting through September 2.

Despite a strong start in downloads, Pokemon Masters was criticized for having too little to do at launch, to the point that the producer apologized. It's built up a lot of extra systems since then, like gear, a leveling-up Sync Grid system, an egg-hatching system, extra hard Battle Villa and Legendary challenges, and more. The game has since been criticized as too grind-heavy, prompting the recent addition of a stamina system and skip tickets alongside a revision of leveling items.

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