Pokemon-Like MMO Temtem Now Available In Steam Early Access

Plus a toe-tapping launch trailer that's just adorable.


Temtem, the PC MMO from developer Crema, has drawn a lot of comparisons to Nintendo's Pokemon series. Adorable monsters, trainers, anime influence, etc. The game has launched in early access on Steam (and it's actually already held a spot on Steam's top-selling games), letting you train to be the very finest, like nobody has been before. And the launch comes alongside an animated trailer that pays homage to its inspirations like Saturday morning cartoons.

The Early Access version promises a 20+ hour campaign with four boss dojos, 76 Temtem, a breeding system, Luma (shiny) versions of Temtem, co-op and PvP, and three different islands. Long-term, Crema is planning to introduce more story content, a full roster of 161+ Temtem, three more islands, ranked PvP, mythical monsters, player housing, and special events.

It may scratch the itch for eager Pokemon trainers who have been asking Nintendo to make a proper MMO for years, but it looks to be more than just its inspirations. GameSpot editor Kallie Plagge noted in hands-on impressions that it twists the Pokemon formula in unique ways, and even Nintendo may even be wise to take notice.

Temtem is now available for $35 on Steam. You can also buy it at a discount from other online storefronts. Crema says that Early Access players will ultimately pay less than others, as the price will gradually rise as more features are added. The game has also suffered some launch server hiccups, and the official Twitter account has been keeping fans regularly updated on those issues.

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