Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee Buying Guide (Nintendo Switch)

Which edition to choose?

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Right now, you can buy the brand-new Nintendo Switch games Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee. These titles are designed for newcomers to the franchise and for players who got their start with the mobile game Pokemon Go.

Developed by Game Freak, the makers of the core Pokemon titles, the Let's Go games aren't quite what you're used to. Instead of battling the monsters to catch them, you'll collect them by tossing Poke Balls at them, just like you do in Pokemon Go. You can even transfer your pocket monsters from Go to Let's Go via Bluetooth. We also know that the first 150 Pokemon as well as their Alolan forms from Sun and Moon would appear in the Let's Go titles.

You can read our Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee review, and also be sure to check out these tips for playing the game. But if you're ready to buy for one (or both) of these games, you'll probably want to know where to find them, how much they cost, and what--if any--extra goodies you can expect to come with them. We have you covered below.

Standard Edition

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Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

Pokemon Let's Go Eevee

Game + Poke Ball Plus

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This version of the game comes with a Poke Ball Plus accessory bundled in. Poke Ball Plus is basically a variation of a Joy-Con that has a wrist strap on one end and an analog stick on the other. It also contains a motion sensor, so you can "throw" it at Pokemon in the game world.

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu + Poke Ball Plus Pack

Pokemon Let's Go Eevee + Poke Ball Plus Pack

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Avatar image for elysetheeevee

They quit taking pre-orders for Pokemon Center after the 8th. Also, apparently Pokemon Center doesn't care at all if you get your game by or on release date, as they're SHIPPING on or after release date. Garbage. They messed up my initial pre-order from June and I was forced to re-do it last minute, despite what their emails and FAQ on the website said about recharging my card.... It has just been an absolute NIGHTMARE dealing with Pokemon Center on this game order.I ONLY ordered from them for the bonus keychain and lack of tax and shipping charged. Otherwise it would've been a hard no from me, and it SHOULD HAVE been, had I known.

Point is, it is too late to order from PC, so update the article. Some big site needs to make a story on how slimy Pokemon Center is in keeping illegal holds on funds on peoples' cards and not even SHIPPING pre-order games until on or after the release date. They try to wiggle out of it by mincing words. It's insulting on top of all of the garbage. People need to talk about THAT. I can't be the only one dealing with this trash.

Avatar image for DeadlyMustard

What a.... waste of time? I'm not into the Pokemon go thing at all... but if I was I'd still find going out in the real world more interesting than paying $60 to run in tall grass to not even be able to battle pokemon still.

Avatar image for BankAMG

wow this game looks dumb. Why is it so hard for them to make a game like the one on the ds.

Avatar image for brandsome

@BankAMG: They are making one, coming next year

Avatar image for ElevenHandMan

Judging from what was shown, this game should not be sold at full price. Needing a smartphone with an active cellular carrier to enjoy all of the features if has to offer and other peripherals is not full price worthy. Was hoping/expecting to see $40 max.

Avatar image for ccgod

@ElevenHandMan: Says $48 on amazon so you're not far off. and lots of games have features I can't use. Should a VR game be half off or more because you need a super expensive VR kit to play it?

Avatar image for fubsy

@ElevenHandMan: I suppose back in the day you thought that Animal Crossing or Splinter Cell for the Gamecube were not worth full price?

What about Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2? Were those not worth full price?

Having features that require other hardware is really nothing new. As long as the base game doesn't require you to use additional hardware, whats the problem?

Honestly, even if it DID require additional hardware, that doesn't mean it should be sold for less. It just means you have to decide if its worth your money to get the game, and potentially pass on it.

Avatar image for brandsome

@fubsy: You're using too much logic man; you'll wreck his brain