Pokemon Legends: Arceus v1.1.0 "Daybreak" Update Announced, Available Now

Pokemon Legends: Arceus received a surprise update for Pokemon Day, adding a new quest to investigate Pokemon outbreaks and arena options.


Pokemon Legends: Arceus only released last month, but it's already gotten its first big content update to coincide with Pokemon Day. The version 1.1.0 "Daybreak" update is available now, introducing a new quest to investigate a phenomenon causing mass outbreaks. It also adds new battles against more powerful opponents, like legendary Pokemon and Wardens, at the training grounds.

As part of the announcement, the Pokemon Company also announced a free gift of Poke Balls. You can claim 30 each of Ultra Balls, Gigaton Balls, and Jet Balls by inputting the password "ArceusAdventure" in the Mystery Gift menu. The free Poke Balls will be available through March 31.

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The presentation also mentioned that a new Pokemon animated series is set to take place in the Hisui region, the historical era in which Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes place. The presentation shared a piece of artwork for that series, which is set to launch this year.

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Arceus is a very different style of Pokemon game, with a more open structure and the ability to capture Pokemon without battling. It remains to be seen how much of this style Game Freak incorporates into future Pokemon games. The Pokemon Presents stream also introduced the next generation of mainline Pokemon games, Violet and Scarlet. It appears at first glance to be much more similar to Sword and Shield, but of course there will be much more to learn before they release later this year.

Other announcements from the Pokemon Presents included an Alola update to Pokemon Go, a new mythical appearance in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and more.

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