Pokemon Legends: Arceus - How To Release Multiple Pokemon

You catch tons of Pokemon at a time in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, so to keep your boxes tidy you'll need to release some of them. Here's how to save time and mass release them.


Pokemon Legends: Arceus shifts the Pokemon formula in some major ways, including how you catch Pokemon. Catching the little pocket monsters is much quicker now, since you can catch with a well-timed Poke Ball throw. In fact, since filling out your Pokedex relies on completing a number of tasks, you may find yourself catching Bidoofs by the bucket-full. Here's how to release multiple Pokemon afterwards.

How to mass release Pokemon

Releasing multiple Pokemon isn't difficult, but it can be easy to miss how to do it. If you have a full party of six Pokemon with you at a given time, all the extras you catch will automatically go into Pastures, the Arceus version of Pokemon PC boxes (and still represented by boxes in the in-game icons). At first you'll have 8 Pastures to work with, later expanded to 16 Pastures, each of which can hold 30 Pokemon. That's 240 Pokemon and 480 Pokemon in all, respectively, plus the six in your party. That might sound like a lot, but those Pastures can fill up rather fast.

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You'll generally want to release all but one copy of each Pokemon. To do this, go to the Pasture in Jubilife Village or the Pokemon keeper at any base camp to view your Pokemon. Here, simply press X to toggle the multiple selection tool, and press A to select which ones to release. You'll see a small yellow checkmark next to the ones you've set for release, and then simply hit X again to release the batch. A game prompt will open up asking if you're sure, so simply answer yes and enjoy your new spacious Pastures.

There's really no reason not to do this, since having multiple copies of the same Pokemon doesn't generally do anything for you. You won't lose your progress for a Pokedex task by releasing them--for example if you've caught five monsters and you release four, you won't have the progress for that task set back to one. You'll also be rewarded with some bonus material like Grit for releasing them, which you can apply toward boosting your other Pokemon.

One notable exception to this rule, of course, is Eevee. The endlessly flexible evolving Pokemon once again has multiple forms, and if you want to complete the full post-game quest, you'll definitely need to evolve every version of it. You'll need eight Eevee in all to gain access to every evolution, so definitely don't release any of them unless you have nine or more.

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