Pokemon Isle Of Armor Dojo Upgrades: How To Upgrade The Master Dojo

Reach a certain point in the Sword and Shield expansion and you'll have the option to upgrade the Master Dojo; here's the full list of upgrades.


The Isle of Armor is the setting of Pokemon Sword and Shield's first expansion, but aside from the Master Dojo--where you'll earn the new Legendary Pokemon Kubfu--the island lacks many of the facilities you'd find around mainland Galar, such as a Pokemon Center and an item shop. And while you can't build a Pokemon Center on the island, you can at least add some more amenities to it.

After you reach a certain point in the story, you'll have the option to upgrade the Master Dojo with additional features and supplies. These upgrades can be rather pricey, but they are generally useful, especially if you have a few thousand Watts to spare. We've broken down what all the Master Dojo upgrades are and how much each costs below.

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If you've just picked up a Sword or Shield Expansion Pass, here's how to access the Isle of Armor and how to evolve Galarian Slowpoke. We've also put together a guide explaining how to teach Pokemon to Gigantamax. Even if you don't have the Expansion Pass, you still have a few ways to get the newly added Pokemon without the DLC.

How To Upgrade The Master Dojo

After completing all three of the Master Dojo's trials and earning Kubfu, speak to Honey and she'll mention her desire to upgrade the facility with more features. Each of these upgrades costs a few thousand Watts, but you'll get some handy new amenities in return, such as a vending machine that dispenses supplements for Pokemon like Protein (which raise a monster's EVs) at a discount.

You can see the full list of Master Dojo upgrades, along with how many Watts you need to spend to get them, below:

No. of WattsUpgrade
5,000Adds a hair stylist (new hair styles)
10,000Adds a Rotomi terminal (unusable)
20,000Activates the Rotomi terminal
30,000Adds a vending machine (dispenses Fresh Water only)
40,000Adds Soda Pop to the vending machine
50,000Adds Lemonade to the vending machine
100,000Adds fresh ingredients to the kitchen fridge
200,000Adds a second vending machine (dispenses Protein and Iron only)
300,000Adds Calcium and Zinc to the second vending machine
400,000Adds HP Up and Carbos to the second vending machine
500,000Adds the Master Dojo as a League Card background
800,000Receive Honey's League Card
1,000,000Battle against Honey
3,280,000Receive Honey's Rare League Card

How To Farm Watts

Traditionally, the quickest way to earn Watts in Sword and Shield is by checking Max Raid dens around the Wild Area. After you beat the main game, you'll receive 200 Watts each time you interact with a glowing Max Raid den. If a den is hosting a Max Raid, you'll receive 2,000 Watts from it, even if you don't participate in the battle. You'll also net some Watts for catching or defeating a wild Pokemon that has a glowing aura.

While checking Max Raid dens is the most reliable way to collect Watts, it can also be quite time consuming, especially if you're trying to fully upgrade the Master Dojo. Fortunately, the Isle of Armor expansion introduces a new way to earn Watts, although it's a bit of a gamble: Digging Pa, an NPC located outside of the Warm-Up Tunnel. Give Digging Pa seven Armorite Ore and he'll dig up some Watts for you. Each bundle that he digs up can range from a few hundred to a few thousand, so you can potentially earn a ton of Watts from him, but the amount you get is up to chance.

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