Pokemon Invade Stardew Valley in New Mods

Gotta farm 'em all!


Dogs are cool, but what if you could have a fire dog? How about a fire horse? Or a big pink cow? Well, thanks to modders, you can now replace the animals and monsters of Stardew Valley with Pokemon.

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Stardew Valley players have been creating re-textures of the game's various creatures, and modder Ninjatulio has collected and posted them to the Stardew Valley forums (via Kotaku). The collection is called Pokedew Valley, and all you need to do to be included is make a Pokemon-themed mod.

Some of the re-textures created by the community include Growlithe replacing the in-game dog, Meowth replacing the cat, and Ponyta replacing the horse. And if you want, you can also make your cows look like Miltank, your sheep look like Mareep, and your chickens look like Torchic.

When it comes to the less-friendly critters, modders have replaced the Duggies with Diglett and bats with Zubat. If you want to look the part yourself, Ninjatulio has even added Pokemon trainer Ash's signature hat. If you want to check them out for yourself, you can see a couple in the image above or visit the forum thread here.

In other Stardew Valley news, the game's lone developer has announced there are still secrets left to be discovered. He also mentioned that free content and cooperative multiplayer are in the works.

If you want to check out Stardew Valley in action, you can watch GameSpot's Now Playing video that features more than 40 minutes of gameplay.

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