Pokemon Home Will Be Down For Maintenance Tomorrow

Don’t worry, your Pokemon will still be there after the update.


The recently launched Pokemon Home service will be undergoing some maintenance on March 7. From 5:30 PM PT to 12 AM PT on March 8 the server will be inoperable, with transfers of any kind not available during this time.

For those of you around the world, here are some of those time zones converted:

  • March 7 8:30 PM ET to March 8 4 AM ET
  • March 8 1:30 AM GMT to March 8 8 AM GMT
  • March 8 12:30 PM AEST to March 9 7 PM AEST

There are two main bugs that the developers are currently looking into.

They will be attempting to fix a bug wherein players who competed their Pokedex before Feburary 14 are not receiving the reward Pokemon in their Gift Box. After the maintenance, players that completed the Pokedex before February 14 and received the glitched Magearna will now be able to receive the Original Color Magearna. Those who are eligible will find the Pokemon in their Gift Box after the maintenance.

In a future update, developers will fix the other bug revolving around the Pokemon Magearna. This particular bug prevents the Pokedex from registering as completed, even if the player has collected every single Pokemon in Pokemon Home. Fixing this bug will allow players who have finished their Pokedex to get the Original Color Magearna glitch through the Gift Box.

While this maintenance doesn’t fix some of the issues users are having with the application, like the seemingly broken GTS system, it is only the first major update since release. Hopefully these issues are resolved soon.

Maybe now we will get some answers to that strange .gif data miners found on release…

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