Pokemon Home Update Out Now, Makes Various Quality-Of-Life Improvements

The latest update for the Pokemon storage service adds a couple of new search options and other welcome improvements.


A new update is now available for Pokemon Home on mobile devices. This update makes a handful of quality-of-life improvements to the Pokemon storage service, particularly to its search and trading functions.

First, a "Receive All" option has been added to Wonder Box, allowing you to claim all your traded Pokemon much more quickly than before. In addition, you can now see the date you first met a Pokemon in that monster's display page.

The search function has also been improved. The app now gives you the option to search for Pokemon of a specific language or Poke Ball type. You can also tap on the "OT" field in a monster's display page to quickly look up all the Pokemon with the same Original Trainer.

Finally, if you also have the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Home linked, you now have the option to arrange your list of Pokemon in the mobile version in the same order as on Switch. You can see the full patch notes for the latest Pokemon Home update below.

In other Pokemon news, a special Valentine's Day Max Raid event has begun in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Until February 14, Milcery with the Gigantamax factor will be appearing in Max Raid dens more frequently than normal, and you'll have a chance to encounter Shiny Milcery. The Pokemon Company is also giving away a handful of free items as a reward for defeating more than 1 million Cramorant during last weekend's event.

Pokemon Home Version 1.3.2 Patch Notes

What's New

  • A "Receive all Pokémon" feature has been added to the Wonder Box.
  • The date a Pokémon was first met is now displayed in its Trainer notes.
  • From the "OT" (Original Trainer) field in a Pokémon's detailed information, you can now search for Pokémon with the same original Trainer.
  • You can now specify "Language" and "Poké Ball" when searching for Pokémon.
  • You can now arrange your list of Pokémon in the same order used by your Pokémon Boxes in the Nintendo Switch version of Pokémon HOME.
    • (Note: This option will be available only for users who have linked to the Nintendo Switch version.)
  • Other issues have also been addressed in order to ensure a user-friendly experience.
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