Pokemon Home Nintendo Switch Update Fixes The Isle Of Armor Pokedex Bug

Pokemon Home's version 1.1.1 patch resolves an issue that prevented transferred Pokemon from being registered in the Isle of Armor Pokedex.


A new update is now live for the Switch version of Pokemon Home. This patch brings the cloud service up to version 1.1.1 and resolves an issue that should make it much easier to complete the Isle of Armor Pokedex.

According to the patch notes on Nintendo's website, the new update fixes a bug that prevented Pokemon imported from Home from being registered in the Isle of Armor Pokedex. Once you've installed the update, open Pokemon Home, connect it to your copy of Sword or Shield, and save; this will cause any Pokemon that weren't properly registered to be counted in your Isle of Armor Pokedex.

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The Isle of Armor is the setting of Sword and Shield's first expansion, and it's home to more than 100 returning Pokemon not available in mainland Galar. Although these monsters can only be found in the wild in the Isle of Armor, there are ways to get them without owning the DLC, such as by transferring them from previous games through Home.

The Isle of Armor has its own Pokedex separate from the main games, and if you can catalog every monster, you'll get a couple of neat rewards. First is the Mark Charm, a brand-new item that increases the chance that you'll find a marked Pokemon. You'll also receive the Replica Gold Crown, an appropriately ornate piece of headgear your trainer can wear instead of a hat.

In related news, everyone who transfers a Pokemon from Home to Sword or Shield (or vice versa) before July 6 can claim a free Shiny Zeraora in the mobile version of Pokemon Home. You'll also get all three Galar starters with their Hidden Abilities, which up until now have not been available in Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Home Ver. 1.1.1 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug about Pokemon not being registered to the Isle of Armor Pokedex when taking Pokemon from Pokemon Home to Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield.
    • After downloading the update data, connect Pokemon Home to Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield and save in Pokemon Home to register the Pokemon that was not registered in Pokedex.

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