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Pokemon Help "Finish The Fight" In This Pokemon Snap-Halo 2 Animated Video

Cubone, you mind telling me what you're doing with all those Pokemon?


The age-old question of what Pokemon would look like in the world of Halo has finally been answered in a video where Pokemon Snap meets Halo.

Thanks to YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer (via GamesRadar), we now know how many guns a Machamp can hold and what a Togepi's weapon of choice is. The video shows the photographer talking to Professor Oak before being transported to Coagulation, a multiplayer map featured in Halo 2. Once the photographer loads into the map from the safety of their pod, they're greeted by a Dodrio losing one of its heads as soon as the battle starts.

As the video goes on, we're shown various things, such as how the original three starter Pokemon would look like in a Warthog, a Psyduck falling from a Banshee after being shot down, and perhaps most importantly, how a Cubone and Clefairy look as Master Chief and Cortana.

This video captures the chaotic charm of what made Big Team Battle in Halo so much fun, with multiple characters meeting untimely deaths and vehicles blowing up every other second. But simultaneously, it captures that childhood innocence that Pokemon has always had.

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