Pokemon Go's Teased Mythical Pokemon Revealed

The Mythical Pokemon Genesect is coming to the hit Pokemon mobile game soon.


Update: Pokemon Go developer Niantic has revealed the teased Mythical Pokemon, and as expected, it's Genesect. The new monster will arrive as part of a Special Research story event that kicks off on March 20, but you'll need to purchase a virtual ticket to participate. Genesect will also make an appearance in EX Raids beginning in April. The original story follows.

Pokemon Go is giving players a ton of chances to catch Legendary Pokemon this month. Not only is Thundurus now available in the game, but developer Niantic is bringing back a few other Legendaries for special Raid weekends throughout March, and now it appears a new Mythical Pokemon is on the way.

The official Pokemon Go Twitter account recently shared an image of fossilized footprints, teasing that "something Mythical is coming." You can take a look at the image below.

While Niantic has not yet confirmed the identity of the new Mythical Pokemon, the tweet and image are presumably referring to Genesect, one of the Mythical monsters introduced in the series' fifth-gen installments, Pokemon Black and White. Genesect is a Bug/Steel Pokemon from ancient times that was revived and modified by Team Plasma, Black and White's villainous group, and its footprints match up with those in the picture.

We don't yet know when the teased Mythical Pokemon will arrive in Go, but a few other Legendaries are now available. In addition to the aforementioned Thundurus, Niantic has brought Registeel and Cresselia back to the game ahead of the Go Battle League's inaugural season. Both Legendaries are formidable in PvP battles, making this a good chance to add them to your Go Battle League teams.

There are still a few Pokemon Go events lined up for this month, including March's Community Day, which takes place on March 15 and features the Psychic Pokemon Abra. A new batch of Field Research tasks is also available. Each time you achieve a Research Breakthrough this month, you'll earn an encounter with the Gen 5 Pokemon Ferroseed.

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