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Pokemon Go's Special Clefairy Event Takes Place In September

Wild Clefairys will appear at an increased rate.


Clefairys in Pokemon Go will gather en masse during the Harvest Moon on September 10. From 6 PM to 9 PM local time, trainers will encounter Clefairys more often in the wild--and if they're lucky, they may be able to catch a Shiny Clefairy.

Pokemon Go's Season of Light just went live on September 1, marking the start of a new season and the appearance of the Nebula Pokemon Cosmog. The Season of Light will end in December, and like other seasons, the story of the featured Legendary will slowly unfold.

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September will also feature a Psychic Spectular event focused around Deoxys and Mega Alakazam. Deoxys' raid day will take place on September 11, and all formes of Deoxys will appear at an increased rate in five-star raids. Inkay will also be receiving a dedicated special day, and on September 3, trainers can participate in a limited research for Inkay.

September's Community Day is on September 18, and the whole slate of Community Days for Season of Light has been announced. Community Day Classic will take place on November 5.

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