Pokemon Go's Public Nuisance Class Action Suit Settled

Pokemon Go will make it easier for business owners and parks to opt out.


Pokemon Go developer Niantic has settled a class-action lawsuit regarding the popular mobile game. The suit, which was filed during the height of its popularity in 2016, claimed the game was presenting as a public nuisance for drawing sometimes absentminded crowds toward private property. The settlement outlines several steps Niantic will take to prevent further disruptive behavior.

The settlement was filed on August 30, and marks an official agreement to terms that were reported earlier this year. Under the agreement, Niantic will allow people to submit a complaint regarding nuisance, trespass, or to remove a Pokemon Go stop, and these points-of-interest will be kept at least 40 meters from residences. Similarly, it will allow parks to request that its Pokemon activities be limited to hours of operation. The company also agreed to alert players in large raid groups with a reminder to be courteous, and will maintain a database of complaints.

Any other terms of the agreement, including financial compensation, were not disclosed.

Pokemon Go had explosive success upon launch, earning $200 million in its first month alone. The wild popularity has tapered off a bit since then, so private property owners and state parks are likely seeing less traffic driven by the game these days. It is still updating regularly, though, including a current special event to catch the Mythical monster Jirachi.

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