Pokemon Go's Next Event Begins Today

Here's your chance for a Lapras.


A new, Water-type Pokemon-focused event kicks off worldwide today in Pokemon Go.

During the week-long Water Festival event, you'll have a better shot at finding Squirtle, Totodile, and Magikarp in the wild, as well as their respective evolutions. If you venture somewhere that Water types normally show up, you'll have a "greater chance" at coming across some of Johto's Water-type Pokemon, including Lapras.

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This event kicks off today at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 8 PM GMT. It will wrap up at the same time next Wednesday, March 29.

Additionally, today you'll find a new item in the wardrobe, which you'll likely either love or hate: a Magikarp hat.

This event comes a day after a relatively minor update to the iOS and Android versions arrived. It didn't introduce any new features, though it did change the rewards offered for visiting a PokeStop every day for a full week.

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