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Pokemon Go's Legendary Lunch Hour Event Ends, More Events Coming Soon

You'll have more chances to catch Origin Forme Giratina on April 10.


Update: Pokemon Go's second Legendary Lunch Hour is now over, but there are plenty of other events happening in the hit mobile game very soon. This month's Community Day will begin on April 13, followed by a week-long Raid event on April 15. That will allow you to catch the Legendary Latios. Finally, the Easter Eggstravaganza event will begin on April 16. The original story follows.

This past March, Pokemon Go developer Niantic held the game's first-ever Legendary Lunch Hour, a new type of event intended to give players more chances to take part in Raid Battles alongside their colleagues and classmates. Niantic is bringing the event back for another go today, April 10; here's everything you need to know to participate in it.

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Just as before, the second Legendary Lunch Hour will take place from 12-1 PM local time. During that window, there will be more five-star Raids featuring Giratina in its Origin Forme, which started appearing for the first time in Pokemon Go earlier this week. Unlike Giratina's Altered Forme, its Origin Forme is serpent-like in appearance and has more attack-oriented stats.

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Niantic has said it ultimately plans to turn the Legendary Lunch Hour into a regular weekly event, but for the moment, it appears the developer is still experimenting with and refining the event based on player input. "We are continuing to test this event to make it even better," Niantic wrote on the Pokemon Go website. "We understand that not every Trainer can participate in every event, but these tests are the first step in creating more events focused on different play styles."

The Legendary Lunch Hour follows shortly after the Bug Out, a Bug Pokemon-focused event that ran until April 9. During that event, Bug-types like Wurmple, Yanma, and others appeared in the wild more frequently, and players had an opportunity to catch Shiny Scyther. While that may now be over, Niantic is bringing its annual Easter-themed Eggstravaganza event back starting April 16.

In the meantime, Pokemon Go's next Community Day is set for April 13, with this month's featured Pokemon being Bagon. Niantic also recently announced it is bringing Pokemon Go Fest back for another year as part of its Summer Tour series of events. This time, the developer will also host Go Fests in Germany and Asia in addition to Chicago.

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