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Pokemon Go's Invite-Only EX Raid Type Begins Testing Soon

EX Raid Passes are on the way to certain players.


Along with the news that three new Legendary Pokemon are on the way to Pokemon Go, developer Niantic has announced that it will begin field-testing the game's new Exclusive Raids very soon.

Now dubbed EX Raids, these differ from the standard Raids in a few important ways. Most notably, players will need to receive an invitation in order to participate in one. To get an invite, you will have to had completed a Raid at that location "recently." Niantic says that players will have "advance warning" before an EX Raid Battle begins to give them "ample time to coordinate with other trainers."

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Before Niantic rolls the feature out globally, it will test EX Raids at "select Gyms" in order to further refine the experience. "During the field test, we'll be making periodic adjustments to EX Raid eligibility requirements, frequency, times, locations, and durations with the goal of making the EX Raid Battle feature engaging, rewarding, and most importantly, fun for Trainers who regularly participate in Raid Battles," the developer said in a post on the Pokemon Go website.

Niantic will begin distributing EX Raid Passes to select players "as early as September 6." The developer hasn't said how long it plans to field test the feature or when it will launch in full, but we already know of at least one Pokemon that can only be acquired through EX Raids: the Legendary Psychic-type Mewtwo, which was unlocked earlier this month at a special Pokemon Go Stadium event in Japan.

Beginning today, players around the globe will have a chance to encounter Pokemon Gold and Silver's Legendary beasts, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, for a limited time. Unlike the previous batch of Legendaries, each one will be available in a specific part of the world for a month, after which it will move on to a different region. Until September 30, the Electric-type Raikou can be found in the Americas; the Fire-type Entei will appear in Europe and Africa; and the Water-type Suicune is in the Asia-Pacific region.

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