Pokemon Go's Expanded Social Tool App, Campfire, To Roll Out To Players Over The Summer

Niantic is working on a new app called Campfire.


Niantic, the developer behind Pokemon Go, will, will soon be releasing a new social app called Campfire. Niantic describes Campfire as a "new social app" that'll encourage players to meet new people and explore new places.

Niantic has had Campfire in beta for the past few months and aims to start testing it for all players worldwide soon. It will begin rolling out to select groups of Pokemon Go players first throughout the summer.

When players open up Campfire, they'll see a map of their surrounding area and activities from friends and other players' locations in a specific area. On the top right, an icon will take you to your channels or game-specific map views. Players can switch between these channels as they move through different game experiences.

You'll find the following features included in Campfire:

  • Nearby Communities: Easily find other players by checking out local communities around you. Open the discover page in your Communities tab to join new communities, coordinate events, and meet new players. For now, there will be a limited selection of communities available, and more will be added over time.
  • Niantic Friends: Easily add and manage your friends across all Niantic titles.
  • Direct & Group Messaging: Organize all your chats with friends in one place. With Direct and Group messaging, you can instantly share gyms/raids, drop your live location, post photos, and chat with your friends across any Niantic game. Sharing your location through messaging is optional and can last up to one hour before turning off automatically.
  • Real-World Activities: Join and share official Community events, keep track of meetups with reminders, and easily invite your friends to play! Scroll around the map to discover and share

Campfire will have a " Flare " feature that notifies other nearby players to start an event in-game. Similar to how Pokemon Go allowed players to share raid locations with friends. Now when you're playing a game you can see if there are other nearby players too, and send them a friend request or a direct message.

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