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Pokemon Go's April 2020 Events Include Shadow Entei, Alolan Exeggutor, And More

Niantic has outlined some of the events that will be happening in the hit Pokemon mobile game next month.


With April just around the corner now, Pokemon Go developer Niantic has outlined some of the events that will be going on in its hit AR Pokemon game next month. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced much of the world into lockdown, April's schedule seems lighter than March's, but there are still a few noteworthy events happening in the game over the next few weeks.

First, Niantic is extending March's Team Rocket Special Research story quest, The Shadowy Threat Grows. You will now have until the end of April to finish this quest and rescue Shadow Entei from Team Rocket leader Giovanni.

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Niantic will also offer a new batch of Field Research tasks in April, along with a new Research Breakthrough reward. Each time you achieve a Research Breakthrough next month, you'll get a chance to catch Alolan Exeggutor and earn some bonus Stardust as well.

Finally, Niantic confirms that it will continue to hold its weekly Pokemon Spotlight and Mystery Bonus Hour events in April. These events feature a surprise Pokemon or in-game bonus for one hour on specific days. You can read more about what Niantic has in store for Pokemon Go next month on the game's official website.

On top of those events, you'll have a chance to catch a new Legendary Pokemon in April. Landorus, the final member of the Forces of Nature trio, will be available in Raids and as a Go Battle League reward encounter from March 31 to April 21. Even if you can't physically make it out to a Raid, you'll still have a chance to catch Landorus, as Niantic recently announced it will soon let players participate in Raid Battles from home. The Mythical Pokemon Genesect is also slated to debut in EX Raids in April.

In other Pokemon Go news, Niantic will be debuting a helpful new feature soon called Today View, which lets you more easily keep track of what's happening in the game. And despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Pokemon Go's revenue has actually increased in March.

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