Pokemon Go Winter Holiday Event Part 2 Adds More Pokemon In Festive Holiday Hats

Eevee and all of its Eeveelutions are feeling the holiday spirit.


The Pokemon Go Winter Holiday event is in full swing, with Part 1 giving players the chance to catch special holiday-themed Pokemon and face off against new Ice-type Mega Pokemon. Part 2 is coming in just a few days, and the pool of holiday-themed Pokemon is about to feel an Eeveelution.

The Winter Holiday Event Part 2 officially kicks off December 23 at 10 AM local time, and it will run until December 31 at 8 PM local time. Eevee and all of its evolved forms--Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon--will see new holiday forms added to the game, though the only way to see an evolved form in a festive hat is to evolve an Eevee wearing said hat.

Eevee and its pals will soon be donning special holiday-themed hats.
Eevee and its pals will soon be donning special holiday-themed hats.

All of the Pokemon available during Part 1 will remain in the game for Part 2, including Mega Glalie in Mega Raids and the special Winter Carnival Pikachu variant in one-star raids. A special Event Research ticket will also be available for $5, which will give players access to special quests that will focus on event-themed Pokemon encounters, as well as extra rewards for completing them.

The Winter Holiday Event Part 2 will encompass the special Winter Wonderland event, which is scheduled to take place from December 24 at 10 AM local time to December 25 at 8 PM local time. A special raid featuring Hisuian Avalugg from Pokemon Legends: Arceus will also be available on December 24 from 2 PM local time to 5 PM local time.

Pokemon Go is available to download now for free on both iOS and Android devices.

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