Pokemon Go: Westboro Baptist Church Recruits Jigglypuff in Wake of Trolling

"Pokemon Go and sin no more. That's what the lord Jesus Christ said."


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The mobile game Pokemon Go challenges players to embark into the real world in search of creatures and gyms where they can do battle. Gyms are found at a number of places, including churches.

Now, it's been discovered that the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas is among them.

Via Reddit user ProtoSori
Via Reddit user ProtoSori

As USA Today reports, Pokemon Go players have claimed the gym and are trolling the controversial, anti-LGBT church. Some have given their Pokemon, including Clefairy (above), names such as "LOVEISLOVE" and "STOP HATE!"

The church responded with a tweet featuring an image of popular Pokemon Jigglypuff, whom they recruited in an effort to "deal with the sodomite loveislove Clefairy." As you can see, Jigglypuff is holding a sign that reads, "Repent or perish."

Regarding its use of the Pokemon imagery, Westboro Baptist Church elder Steve Drain told USA Today, "We try to speak whatever language is being spoken."

"Pokemon Go and sin no more. That's what the lord Jesus Christ said," he added.

As for the Westboro Baptist Church being taken over (in the game) by Pokemon Go players, Drain didn't seem fazed.

"This little church, as despised and vilified as we are, the location of this church will be memorialized throughout eternity," he said.

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"" "Pokemon Go and sin no more. That's what the lord Jesus Christ said,"""

WHAT THE F?!?!?!?

Avatar image for charmcitysking

Leviticus 18:22, "You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination."1

Leviticus 20:13, "If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them."

Avatar image for BrunoBRS

"And Lo, He said: thou shalt roam across the land, searching far and wide; (26) catching them all is thine real test, and baptizing them, thine cause"

Avatar image for henchman216

If ever did Nintendo need to sue someone for illegal use of their property, THIS is the case! Sue the hell out of this cult Nintendo!

Avatar image for mezzanine58

@henchman216: I've already reported them to both companies, and more people should do the same. If enough do, perhaps they will actually sue. This is terrible marketing for their brand to be associated with these subhuman scum.

Avatar image for sangheili112

@mezzanine58: if this includes politics as well i'm in or lets just do what minecraft did because this is just getting ridiculous

Avatar image for RaveNRolla

What the hell is this game?

Avatar image for atherworld

""Pokemon Go and sin no more. That's what the lord Jesus Christ said," he added."

When was this said/ What happened to Thou Shalt Not Lie?

Remember, jesus's dad is the genius who said Real live Pokemon? Nah. Imma make me some vampire insects and call them mosquitoes.

Avatar image for Mr_Meteos


"Though shalt not lie" is only ever used in the context of "Though shalt not lie with thy neighbor's wife." Making stuff up is the cornerstone of any good religion.

Avatar image for satsubatsu347

@atherworld: see? The divine conspiracy strikes again. What benevolent creator makes flies... AND how they eat?

Avatar image for WhoIsTheDrizzle

I really hope people keep taking over/keeping control of the gym.

Avatar image for Marky360

And with that now I have seen everything lol.

Avatar image for packerfan7575

Those Westboro people are strange. They protested my church a couple of months ago for not being as angry as they are. They also made false accusations that they posted on their website. When I heard we were being protested, I thought it was some anti-Christian group and was floored when I found out it was actually another church. I use the term church lightly for them though. Their own words reveal that they are very angry and bitter people. They don't reflect the love of Christ or true Christianity at all. Clearly, they represent themselves and their own self interests. They have their own judgement coming though for misrepresenting the Lord.

Avatar image for sangheili112

@packerfan7575: the problem is there more a cult then religion because they take bits of Christianity and use for example Jehovah’s Witnesses & Mormons are also considered cults to the rest of us because they deny the doctrine like the trinity also for this people shouldn't think all baptist are evil baptist church's are non denominational unlike the Catholic church so they all teach differently

Avatar image for atherworld

@packerfan7575: They only care about their salvation. Nobody else's. They fear gays will make them not be saved. Their entire attitude is anti-god in every way, shape, and form. hate, lies, etc.

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

This game is now amazing.

Avatar image for Pawfalcon

"image of popular Pokemon Jigglypuff, whom they recruited in an effort to 'deal with the sodomite loveislove Clefairy.'" Lol, do they even take themselves seriously anymore? Or can we all agree they're just a big joke now?

Avatar image for scatterbrain007

@Pawfalcon: They've shown they were a big joke a very long time ago.

Avatar image for Jinzo_111887

Well, this is different compared to back in the day when churches thought Pokemon were evil.

Avatar image for TheZeroPercent

--it was QUITE the controversy around the turn of the century
--apparently because 'the way' the game is played is all based on an actual real world witchcraft
--but then(if you are a christian with ANY sense)
--you have to realize(if you dont wanna sound like an ignorant blackhole of dumbassedness)
--that everything is the devil(including tricycles and ice cream sprinkles)
--and if you are a christian
--you have to 'believe' you have been forgiven of all your sins
--you are sorta defeating the entire purpose of christ

Avatar image for kriket44

They use Jigglypuff because you fall asleep when you hear them talk.

Avatar image for Jinzo_111887

@kriket44: Or that episode of Pokemon where Jigglypuff beat up a whole bunch of Clefairy back when Ash was in Kanto was inspiration for the choice.

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

@Jinzo_111887: So what you are saying is they watched the Pokemon TV series?

Avatar image for Jinzo_111887

@ArabrockermanX: Or used Google to find out about that episode and possibly watched a clip of the episode where Purin/Jigglypuff fought them.

Avatar image for kriket44

@Jinzo_111887: Nah... it's cuz they're stupid and boring.

I need to go back and watch the TV shows. I loved them when I was a kid.

Avatar image for sangheili112

@kriket44: it would have been better without all the censoring because in america we get everything censored so the gun episode was never shown

Avatar image for deactivated-5afeea4d8be41

I know they're highly amusing but I wish people would stop paying attention to these lunatics.

Avatar image for TheZeroPercent

--gotta love it(as a hardcire gamer)
--nintendo fails SO HARD on wiiU(for YEARS)
--and then in one week
--their smartphone app begins changing the world
--almost like
--one of the coolest gaming results i have ever seen(form a new console/game/idea)

Avatar image for Jinzo_111887

@TheZeroPercent: That's a sign Nintendo should consider a sequel to Pokemon XD on their next console.

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

@Jinzo_111887: It is a sign they should consider a MMO style Pokemon game...

Avatar image for TheZeroPercent

--i myself have been predicting gaming consoles of the future just being smartdevice apps
--ones that stream to your TV(or not) and come with a physical gamepad/controller
--lots of talk of NX not being ANYTHING like a classic home console
--pokemon has always been a portable thing for nintendo

--when it comes to these kinda things
--you gotta calculate user install base
--true 3ds has sold 57 million units
--but how many people own a smartphone?
--currently it is around 2.1 billion(thats 40 times more people~40 times 57million is A LOT LARGER)

--true this game is just an app(not a console)
--but it will be interesting to see what NX ends up being
--because it wont be a scorpio kinda thing(super powerful kinda thing)
--and it wont be a fresh new gimmick like wii and wiiU
--idk what in the world they are doing with nx

Avatar image for squall_83

@TheZeroPercent: "and it wont be a fresh new gimmick like wii and wiiU"

I'm not so sure about that one. I wish I could find and source the article, but they did say recently that they were planning something totally different and revolutionary, ie. "gimmick". Let's just hope it ends up being good this time.

From everything we've seen so far, though. It seems like it's probably gonna be some kind of hybrid portable/console type thing. Maybe they're evolving the idea of the WiiU gamepad and making it mobile, but with a console to go with it. I have no idea. The patents they've been filing lately look pretty strange.

Avatar image for TheZeroPercent

--i thought wiiU was "good"
--hell i thought it was DAMN great
--and it still is a really fine console
--unfortunately it did not sell(and it is sad to me that nintendo has shelved it)

--as far as NX
--making the controller the console/portable is a HORRIBLE idea
--i own a vita and a ps4
--and i NEVER use the option to play my ps4 with my vita
--one reason is you have to have a STRONG wifi connection
--another reason is the vita is a SHIT controller for a ps4
--but mainly because it just isnt any fun ha

--so if nintendo does that
--it will BLOW hard and fail badly
--nintendo cant fail in the sales charts this time with their home console
--i doubt NX will be ANYTHING like wii or wiiU
--and it wont be anything like scorpio
--so IDK but
--the way they announced NOTHING at e3 was a pretty good sign
--that what they are doing might not be that hard to duplicate
--but IDK also
--with their new Pokemon app taking off like it has(and the potential it still has)
--we live in a time where technology can change so fast
--and computer tech will just keep growing and changing faster and faster
--who knows what the hell is around the corner
--but id guess NX will be QUITE a surprise(whether it is complicated and expensive or simple and cheap)

Avatar image for iandizion713

Thats pretty cool, nice to see them playing together.

Avatar image for BeefoTheBold

Today's sign of the apocalypse.

Avatar image for milk

> "Pokemon Go and sin no more. That's what the lord Jesus Christ said," he added.

Ah yes, that classic Jesus quote.

Avatar image for squall_83

@milk: My mom is a pretty devout Christian and I can't remember her ever mentioning any reference to Pokemon in the bible.... Seems kinda suspect.

Avatar image for barbarossa213

@milk: Gamatians 24:7 I believe. I also recall a tale from the Good Manual about folks wandering the desert for 40 years in search of rare Pokemon.

Avatar image for DrunkenPunk800

So, people trolled WBC, and now they are retaliating?

Hmm... maybe just leave those homophobes alone, and ignore them. Nope, instead you guys kicked the hornet's nest, and are now complaining about it.

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

@DrunkenPunk800: No, that would be the US foreign policy for the past decade...

Avatar image for csward

Wow I smell a lawsuit coming from Nintendo for that image because they're using Pokemon to push an agenda. How sad.

This is how the privilege of naming things gets taken away as well...

LBGTY people need respect those peoples beliefs at the church and the people at the church should avoid poking a hornets nest for publicity's sake. Grow up people! Kids play this game ffs.

Avatar image for II_Exile_II

@csward: People have a right to believe whatever they want, but "respect" is something entirely different. A group that spreads and encourages hate and bigotry deserves no respect. Just because they have a legal right to believe what they want doesn't mean they're protected from criticism for their backwards ideologies.

Avatar image for Jinzo_111887

@csward: Maybe or maybe not. I've heard about churches that hate Pokemon, but this is the first I've heard of one embracing it.

Actually, I don't think it will kill off naming them. It might result in new "names" being added to Nintendo's offensive list.

Avatar image for Coolman13355

@Jinzo_111887: http://thewardrobedoor.com/2016/07/churches-pokemon-go.html

Avatar image for sangheili112

offtopic Sangheili is on unbisoft offensive list so you can't make account with that name XD

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