Pokemon Go Support Removed From Holocaust Museum, Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Memorial

Creatures and PokeStops no longer show up at the two sites, after organizers asked for their removal.


Responding to officials' requests, Niantic Labs has now removed Pokemon Go creatures and PokeStops from the Hiroshima atomic bomb memorial in Japan and the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

Hiroshima city official Tatsuya Sumida told the Associated Press that Niantic responded to the city's request at 1:56 AM on Saturday, just six hours before a ceremony to mark the deadly World War II event was to be held.

"We were so relieved," Sumida said. "We were worried if those Pokemon were really going to go away in time. We consider the park a sacred place where we pray for the victims of the atomic bombings."

The AP's report also mentions that Pokemon have been cleared out of the Holocaust Museum as a result of the organization's request. No further details are available, but officials at the institution had been requesting the removal since July.

There was a particularly disturbing image floating around online that showed the poison gas-spewing creature, Koffing, inside the Holocaust Museum, near the Helena Rubinstein Auditorium. This theater plays the stories of Jews who survived gas chambers.

At the end of July, The Pokemon Company's J.C. Smith said that it's working on new features that are "appealing to the fans but also respectful of the private institutions that are affected by it." There's currently an option to request the removal of a PokeStop or Gym, but it's not an instant solution.

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