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Pokemon Go Solstice, Bidoof Events Announced

Niantic has detailed two more events happening soon in the Pokemon mobile game.


Two new events are happening soon in Pokemon Go. First is the game's Solstice event, which kicks off today, June 17, and features the Legendary Pokemon Regigigas. Shortly after that, Niantic will be holding a Bidoof-themed event that will introduce Shiny Bidoof to the game.

Solstice Event

Throughout the Solstice event, Lunatone, Solrock, Spheal, and other Pokemon will appear in the wild more frequently than normal. There will also be unique wild Pokemon spawns and Raid bosses depending on your hemisphere. You can see which Pokemon will appear in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres below.

Northern Hemisphere

Wild Pokemon

  • Yanma
  • Chimchar
  • Summer Form Deerling
  • Shiny Yanma

Raid Bosses

  • Alolan Marowak
  • Yanma
  • Petilil

Southern Hemisphere

Wild Pokemon

  • Snorunt
  • Snover
  • Winter Form Deerling
  • Shiny Snover

Raid Bosses

  • Lapras
  • Piloswine
  • Snorunt

In addition to those Pokemon, the aforementioned Regigigas will appear in five-star Raids from June 17 to July 1, and you'll have a chance to encounter a Shiny version. There will also be event-exclusive Research tasks to complete. You can read more details about the Solstice event on the Pokemon Go blog.

Bidoof Event

Following the Solstice event, Niantic is hosting a Bidoof-themed event from June 25 to July 1. Bidoof will be appearing in the wild and in Raids much more frequently throughout the event, and you'll have your first chance to encounter a Shiny Bidoof in the game. Bidoof will also be able to learn new attacks when you use Charged TMs on certain days of the event, and any Bidoof that you evolve into Bibarel during the event will know Hyper Beam.


On top of that, a few bonuses will be active during different days of the event. You'll be able to earn extra XP for capturing Pokemon on the following days:

  • June 25-26: 2x catch XP
  • June 27-28: 3x catch XP
  • June 29-30: 4x catch XP

Finally, Team Go Rocket grunts will have Shadow Bidoof on their teams during the event, and you'll be able to get new Bidoof stickers from gifts and PokeStops. You can read more details on the Pokemon Go blog.

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