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Pokemon Go: Shiny Poliwag Spawning Now In The Wild For A Limited Time

A new Shiny Pokemon will appear in the wild this week.


Niantic's last Pokemon Go Fest event of the summer is now underway in Yokohama, Japan, and to commemorate it, the developer has made a new Shiny Pokemon available worldwide. Right now, players around the globe have a chance of encountering Shiny Poliwag in the wild for a limited time.

That isn't the only special Pokemon appearing during the event. A few hours after Shiny Poliwag arrives, hat-wearing Pikachu will return until 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM BST / 5 PM JST on August 12. The iconic mouse Pokemon will be sporting a different hat each day, so if you missed any of them the first time they were available, you'll have a second chance to add them to your collection.

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Just as during the previous two Pokemon Go Fests in Chicago and Dortmund, Niantic will hold a series of global challenges during this week's event, so even if you aren't able to attend in-person, you can still participate in the fun. As a reward for completing the first two sets of global challenges, Niantic brought the Legendary dogs Entei and Raikou back for special Raid Days, and the same will hold true for Suicune if players can clear enough of this week's challenges.

In addition to the Pokemon Go Fest, Niantic is kicking off a new gift-themed in-game event this week. From August 5-19, the developer is increasing the number of gifts you can carry in your inventory to 20, while the number of gifts you can open each day is being raised to 30. On top of that, any Eggs you receive from said gifts will only need 2 km to hatch, but the Pokemon that will hatch from them are ones that would normally appear from 7 km Eggs. You'll also have a chance to hatch a Shiny Bonsly from one of these Eggs.

In other Pokemon Go news, Rayquaza has returned to Raid Battles until September 2, and this time, lucky players will be able to encounter a Shiny Rayquaza. You can read some tips on how to catch Rayquaza in our guide. Team Rocket is also still appearing at various PokeStops around the world, and they have new kinds of Shadow Pokemon. You can read more in our Shadow Pokemon guide.

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