Pokemon Go: Shiny Oddish Now Available In The Wild

A new Shiny Pokemon can now be found in PoGo.


To celebrate Pokemon Go's recent Safari Zone event in New Taipei City, Taiwan, developer Niantic has made a new Shiny Pokemon available worldwide. Right now, players around the globe have their first chance to encounter a Shiny Oddish in the hit Pokemon mobile game.

The arrival of Shiny Oddish means this is also your chance to get Shiny versions of its evolved forms: Gloom, Vileplume, and Bellossom. These, however, won't appear in the wild, so if you're hoping to add them to your collection, you'll need to be lucky enough to catch a Shiny Oddish and then evolve it.

There will be increased Oddish spawns throughout the weekend to coincide with the Safari Zone event, making this your best chance to find a Shiny variant. Players at the venue, meanwhile, will encounter increased spawns of Heracross, Unown, and other rare Pokemon.

That isn't the only event underway in Pokemon Go right now. Niantic is also bringing the Stardust Blast event back. Until October 10, you'll receive twice the normal amount of Stardust for catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, and battling Team Rocket. You'll also receive 2,000 Stardust for participating in Raids. Meanwhile, October's Community Day takes place next Saturday, October 12.

In other Pokemon Go news, Niantic recently revealed three new members of Team Rocket who'll presumably be making an appearance in the game soon. All three are featured on Pokemon Go's new loading screen alongside Team Rocket boss Giovanni. The Legendary Giratina is also back in Raid Battles until October 17.

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