Pokemon Go Services Suspended In Russia And Belarus

The developer has halted operations in the two countries across all of its games.


Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs has suspended operations of its games in Russia and Belarus in response to the ongoing Ukrainian conflict.

All of Niantic's apps have been pulled from their respective app stories in the two countries, with functionality for apps already downloaded said to be going dark "shortly." Games affected include Pokemon Go, Pikmin Bloom, and the company's original IP Ingress Prime.

The decision comes in response to Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, which has sparked condemnation around the world. Other gaming companies have taken similar routes, including Microsoft, CD Projekt Red, Sony, and Electronic Arts. EA even took an extra step, removing all Russian national teams and leagues from both FIFA 22 and NHL 22.

Multiple other gaming companies have come out in support of Ukraine, both before and after the Ukrainian government called specifically on gaming companies to suspend operations in Russia and Belarus--which is supporting Russia in the campaign--over the conflict.

If you'd like to help ongoing humanitarian efforts, we've assembled a list of humanitarian organizations like the Ukrainian Red Cross and Unicef that you can donate to.

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