Pokemon Go: Season Of Go Begins on June 1

There's new rewards, bonuses, and events--including Mewtwo's return to raids.


Pokemon Go's new Season of Go runs the full length of summer, from June 1 to September 1. For trainers, that means rewards, bonuses, and a new rotation of wild pokemon. Per Niantic's description, the below are active bonuses during Season of Go.


  • Increased friendship bonus damage for raids
  • Increased damage for pokemon participating in raids remotely
  • 1 hr Lure Modules
  • 1 extra Special Trade per day
  • 1 extra pokemon Candy when trading pokemon
  • Guaranteed Candy XL when trading pokemon
  • Guaranteed Gifts from PokeStop spins


  • Pokemon Go Fest--Starts June 4. Head over to our Pokemon Go Fest primer for everything known about the event so far.
  • Adventure Week--From June 7 - June 12, explore fossils and Rock-type pokemon
  • Pokemon TGC Crossover Event--From June 16 - June 30, pokemon TGC and pokemon Go are getting a crossover. No details yet, so stay tuned for what's in store.

Five-star Mega Raids

  • Mega Steelix, Kyogre--June 1 - 7
  • Mega Aerodactyl, Groudon--June 7 - 16
  • Mega Venusaur, Mewtwo (Charged Attack Shadow Ball)--June 16 - 23
  • Mega Blastoise, Mewtwo (Charged Attack Psystrike)--June 23 - 1

Pokemon Spotlight Hours

  • Nosepass--June 7, 2× Candy for catching pokemon
  • Mantine--June 14, 2× Candy for transferring pokemon
  • Spinarak--June 21, 2× XP for evolving pokemon
  • Pikachu wearing a pokemon TCG hat--June 28, 2× Catch Stardust

Check out Pokemon Go's Season of Go page for a full list of bonus, rewards, and discoverable pokemon. Pokemon Go Fest 2022's tickets are $15 and center around the Legendary gratitude pokemon named Shaymin. Players will have an increased chance of capturing Shinies, among other activities, during the Fest.

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