Pokemon Go Review Roundup

Here's what the critics are saying about the augmented reality game, Pokemon Go.


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People have been trying to catch 'em all in Pokemon Go for about a week now, and reviews have started to come in. So far, the critical reception is mixed.

Pokemon Go has players walk around the real world in search of Pokemon. The smartphone game lets you know how close you are to certain Pokemon, and you have to figure out which direction to walk in. You can also walk to real-world landmarks to collect items and battle it out for Gyms. It's also set to receive updates that could introduce features like trading. It's become somewhat of a phenomenon with many news stories coming from around the world.

Pokemon Go is out now in some countries, but it still hasn't rolled out officially in most of Europe, Canada, and other regions. For a wider view of the critical reception, visit GameSpot sister site Metacritic.

  • Game: Pokemon Go
  • Developer: Niantic
  • Platform: iPhone, Android
  • Price: Free with microtransactions
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GameSpot -- 7/10

"If Pokemon Go’s initial public reception is anything to go by, its ability to draw players from multiple generations and varied gaming backgrounds together is a game worthy of attention. When it works, Pokemon Go feels like a natural evolution for the series, very much a product of the times without making the mainline series obsolete. Its bugs and high battery consumption do not outweigh the old-but-new thrill of capturing Pikachu at a local park or vanquishing a Snorlax while conquering a gym." -- Miguel Concepcion [full review]

Pocket Gamer UK -- 9/10

"Despite its problems, Pokemon Go is an immensely enjoyable experience. The very personal nature of catching Pokemon in your own neighbourhood--something I've wanted to do since my first steps in Pallet Town all those years ago--made me smile more than any game has for years." -- Oscar Dayus [full review]

New York Daily News -- 3/5

"It all adds up to a surprisingly satisfying experience, that rare gaming experience that’s suited for summer. There’s a stereotypical image of a gamer in 2016, a couch potato who never leaves the house, who never really enjoys these warm months outdoors. The gamer playing Pokemon Go? That person is outdoors all the time." -- Ebenezer Samuel [full review]

Time -- 3/5

"As a referendum on augmented reality--that other alt-reality tech lying in wait to leapfrog the recent wave of niche wraparound headsets--Pokemon Go is a slam dunk. But as a game, once the hunt-and-catch novelty wears thin (or the soles of your shoes do), there's not enough happening under the hood. It's effectively the inverse of studio Game Freak's acclaimed turn-based strategy role-playing games, responsible for the lion's share of the franchise's popularity." -- Matt Peckham [full review]

IGN -- 7/10

"Right now, Pokemon Go is an incredible, can't-miss social experience--like Pokemon is actually real and everyone is on board--but its RPG mechanics and combat don't have nearly enough depth to support itself in the long term. If people start to lose interest due to its lack of depth once the novelty of seeing Pokemon pop up around their everyday lives expires, the community will fall apart and the spell will be broken." -- Kallie Plagge [full review]

The Jimquisition -- 5/10

"I don’t particularly like Pokemon Go. Nope, don't like it. I'm not even sure I 'get' it. I am, however, playing it like so many other people. There's a compulsion to play, and it's not actually a compelling game.

Thus we return to the notion of Pokemon Go's undeniable success. Despite being a pedestrian and uninspiring experience, it's still conquered the hearts and minds of millions, and while I don't know why, I'm still firing the thing up every time my dog goes out to take a shit, because there could be an Ekans out there." -- Jim Sterling [full review]

Destructoid -- 3.5/10

"A lot of people have powerful nostalgia for the original 151, and the appeal of catching a Pidgey right in your own home is kinda dope. But actually catching that Pidgey and everything you do with it after you've caught it? That stuff isn't particularly interesting. I like talking about Pokemon Go with other people, but I wish there was a way to do that without actually having to play it." -- Mike Cosimano [full review]

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@7tizz: Gamespot's score kinda surprised me because on The Lobby they seemed to be saying things similar to what you said, it's a cool phenomenon and social experience but not much in terms of the actual game. However the review wasn't done by anyone that was in that discussion.

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There it is folks, 30 Pokemon Go articles in 3 days. This is worse than all the Destiny adverti...articles 2 Septembers ago.