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Pokemon Go Revenue Is Up Despite People Being Stuck Indoors

Pokemon Go is doing well, even without people actually being able to go anywhere due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Pokemon Go is a game that thrives on people going outside, so you might not expect it to do well during a pandemic when players are stuck indoors. And yet, despite COVID-19 forcing people worldwide to self-isolate, Pokemon Go's revenue has gone up recently, according to a report from

For the week ending March 16, according to data taken from Sensor Tower, Pokemon Go's gross revenue hit $23 million--a 67% increase on the week before. In fact, 13% of revenue earned by the game so far in 2020 was earned during that week, despite people not being able to play as they usually would.

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It was by far the biggest week of in-game spending the game has had in 2020, and it indicates that the game will continue to turn a profit as the way it is played necessarily changes.

Pokemon Go has made some changes to account for the current state of things, with bonuses being handed out to players, and you'll soon be able to do raids from home. A Lugia raid was canceled due to the pandemic, but adapting quickly has allowed the game to remain successful and popular.

Pokemon Go is also adding a Today View tab to make events easier to track. It should come to the game soon.

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