Pokemon Go Reshiram Guide: Counters, Weaknesses, Raid Hours

A new Gen 5 Legendary is available in Pokemon Go; here are some tips to help you battle and catch Reshiram before it leaves Raids later this month.


A new Legendary Pokemon has arrived in Pokemon Go. Reshiram, the cover monster from Pokemon Black, is appearing in five-star Raids until June 16, making this your first chance to capture one in Niantic's hit mobile game. Even a seasoned Pokemon Master needs a little assistance now and then, however, so we've rounded up some tips to help you battle and catch Reshiram below.

Reshiram Raid Hours

Reshiram will periodically appear in Gyms as a five-star Raid boss until 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on June 16. These Raids can occur at any time, but you'll receive a notification before a nearby one is about to begin, so you shouldn't have much difficulty tracking a Raid down.

Niantic will also hold a handful of Reshiram Raid Hour events on Wednesday evenings. From 6-7 PM local time during these events, nearly every Gym will host a Reshiram Raid, giving you a much better chance to find the Legendary. You can see the Reshiram Raid Hour schedule below:

  • June 10 -- 6-7 PM local time

Reshiram Weaknesses And Counters

Reshiram is a Dragon/Fire type, which gives it a handful of common weaknesses that you can exploit. Thanks to its Fire typing, Reshiram is vulnerable to Rock and Ground Pokemon like Rhyperior, Groudon, Rampardos, and Terrakion, making any of those great choices when battling the Legendary.

Reshiram is also weak to other Dragon Pokemon. Rayquaza, Haxorus, Salamence, and Dragonite can all dish out a ton of damage against it, although be aware that they will take super-effective damage in return from Reshiram's Dragon-type attacks.

Remote Raids

Thanks to Remote Raid Passes, you no longer need to physically travel to a Gym to join a Reshiram Raid. If you have a Remote Raid Pass, you can join any Raid Battle that's listed on your Nearby screen, letting you challenge the Legendary without leaving home.

There are a few caveats to keep in mind when using Remote Raid Passes, however. First, only a maximum of five players can join the same Raid remotely. Second, Pokemon used by remote players have lower attack power than those used by players physically at the Gym. You can learn more about how to get and use Remote Raid Passes in our guide.

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