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Pokemon Go Raikou Raid Event Is Today: Start Times, Shiny Raikou, And What To Know

It's electric.


Groudon has returned once again in Pokemon Go, but it isn't the only Legendary Pokemon making an encore appearance this week. As a reward for completing enough Global Challenges during the recent Pokemon Go Fest event in Chicago, Niantic is also bringing Raikou, one of the three Legendary dogs from Pokemon Gold and Silver, back to Raids for a limited time today, June 29.

Raikou is a rare sight in Pokemon Go, making today's Raid Day a good opportunity to add one to your collection if you had previously missed it. To help you get ready, we've rounded up all the most important details about the Raikou Raid Day below, from its start times to your chances of finding a Shiny Raikou and more.

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Start Times

Much like Niantic's monthly Community Day events, this weekend's Raikou Raid Day will only run for three hours, from 4-7 PM local time. During that window, Raikou will appear as a Raid Boss at Gyms, giving you a few hours to battle and capture the Legendary again.

Shiny Raikou

During the Raikou Raid Day, you'll have a chance of encountering a Shiny Raikou when you battle the Legendary at Raids. Shiny Pokemon are quite rare, so your chances of coming across one are down to luck, but it's worth going out during the event hours and participating in a few Raids.

How Do I Participate In Raids?

To take part in a Raid, you'll first need an item called a Raid Pass. You can obtain one of these from the first Photo Disc you spin at a Gym each day. While you can typically only receive one for free per day, Niantic is giving out up to five free Raid Passes during the Raikou Raid event as an added bonus, giving everyone a chance to participate.

Once you have some Raid Passes, head to a Gym where a Raikou Raid is taking place and team up with other players in-person to battle the Legendary. If you defeat it, you'll earn a handful of Premier Balls along with the opportunity to capture it. Raikou is a pure Electric-type, which makes it especially vulnerable to Ground Pokemon such as Groudon (which is also currently available as a Raid Boss), Rhyperior, and Golem.

There's plenty more to do in Pokemon Go besides the Raikou Raid event. To commemorate the game's third anniversary, Shiny Alolan forms are appearing in the wild, and trading Pokemon requires a quarter less Stardust than normal for a limited time. As previously mentioned, Groudon is back in Raids until July 10, and the next Pokemon Go Community Day takes place on July 21. The featured Pokemon this time will be Mudkip, the Water starter from Ruby and Sapphire.

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