Pokemon Go Raid Battles Let You Catch Ho-Oh Again, Right Now

Make a wish!


The legendary rainbow Pokemon Ho-Oh is back for more in Pokemon Go. From now until June 7, you can catch this magnificent bird as it visits gyms for raid battles.

This bird is no joke--make sure you're heading in with your strongest team to take on this legendary. You might just get lucky enough to capture a shiny Ho-Oh once you've defeated it in battle too.

Ho-Oh will be available worldwide beside Latios and Latias; however, the latter will be staying in their designated regions. As of our most recent update, players in Europe and Asia can get their hands on Latios, and players in Africa and North and South America can catch Latias. They will remain in these regions until June 5.

For even more Pokemon Go goodness, make sure to check out our Pokemon Go hub regularly for news on the game's updates and legendary availability. And if you've really got the trainer bug, both the Pokemon Go Fest and Safari Zone events are returning this summer.

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