Pokemon Go Players Find Naked Woman Vandalizing Church

40-year-old woman reportedly threw garbage from her car into the prayer garden's pond and damaged a Virgin Mary statue.

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You never know what you're going to find while playing Pokemon Go. Yesterday, a man in New Hampshire found a dead body, and now comes the story of a pair of players making a startling discovery while on the hunt for creatures.

The Connecticut Post reports that two men traveled to St. Luke's Church in Westport, CT on Wednesday in hopes of finding Pokemon. What they found, however, was a naked woman who was vandalizing the church's prayer garden.

Sister Maureen Fleming told the Post that the unidentified woman damaged a statue of the Virgin Mary and threw garbage from her car into the garden's pond. She also reportedly turned over benches and pulled lights out of the ground.

Fleming called 911 and authorities stopped the woman and brought her to Norwalk Hospital for evaluation. Lt. David Farrell said his team did not arrest the 40-year-old woman but was instead more focused on getting her help for what could have been a "medical, medication-related, or mental illness problem," according to the report.

Authorities are keeping the case open, and if they determine the woman's actions were intentional, she could face charges.

St. Luke's responded to the incident across a series of Facebook posts. In light of the event, after every mass this coming weekend, parishioners are invited to meet in the garden to pray the rosary. Additionally, the church shared a message from one of its parishioners about the event.

Some churches in Pokemon Go (including ones that are converted into homes) are designated as gyms for the game. Gyms in Pokemon Go are typically placed at landmarks and act as a location where players can battle to take ownership of them; thus, people often flock to them.

For more on crazy things that have happened in the real world as a result of Pokemon Go, check out the video above.

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i live in a 3rd world country so i dont gotta see these types of ppl. maybe if it was bread go or soup go ppl here would play it.

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lol nice.

they should make a AR batman game where you go around finding crime lol

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@almatha: Definitely needs to come with accessories and real life dlc lol

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What a waste of a life to go around playing this game. There's so many better things to do outside with one's time.

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That's a shame.


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**** your aggressively auto playing videos gamespot

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@TimmyDKJR: here's the thing for me though.... GS videos don't play for me to begin with, so these ads just stay frozen and don't play anything....

soooo success for me and epic fail for GS :P

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@TimmyDKJR: Their commercials always shout at me. I don't even live in a country with a Best Buy, stop shouting your 'great deals' at me!

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@linthes999: lol that applies to me as well! :)

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The Pokemon cyberdemons have arrived to possess us all!

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@cboye18: Did you just say Cyberdemon?? *_*

*Pulls BFG*

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Why does this not surprise me?

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@xenomorphalien: You what doesn't surprise me too, is to read this kind of article at Gamespot.

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@Sohereiam: Yeah, expect more articles about these situations tomorrow.

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@xenomorphalien: Eddie's gonna have a field day with all of the craziness that is happening with Pokemon Go. Taking his stupid articles to the next level.

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People went for a walk; saw some crazy shit.


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@linthes999: Difference now is that more nerds are out wandering and discovering the world.

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Why do we need to report this, we going to start reporting stuff like this, which guessing happens all over the world every day.

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--it IS gaming news
--and it is EASILY the most interesting news 'caused by a game' EVER
--about the only thing that comes close is the fear that R* has caused from time to time
--but even that isnt ANYWHERE near the 'size' of the effect P-go is having on the ENTIRE world
--id guess 99% of gamers(and the general public) have NO IDEA the size of the impact this app is having on the world
--about the only people who truly understand
--are business types
--who understand how much 'fiscal influence' this app has already had on the world
--and how much more it will grow before it even begins to peak
--we are in for some seriously weird times my friend

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@TheZeroPercent: Seriously, what is up with your typing style?

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hahaha, Pokemon GO is becoming the CCTV of the world. Reporting things that are normally hidden from the world.

Sorry people, but I'd rather hear about these stories than the game itself. Let it be, its F***ing entertaining. Now hearing about how amazing Pokemon GO is....yeah, that can stop. Like now. This game is an excellent way for people to discover the beauty of their environment. That is, if people actually read the message that is in your face when you start the app.

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@sbnewsom: The above post and below. A fantastic example of contrast.

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For ****'s sake, can Gamespot PLEASE write about something...ANYTHING else?

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@BeefoTheBold: Yeah, more Neo and Scorpio interviews.

This site is a shell of it's former self.

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@xenomorphalien: Was a shell of it's former self in 2003 lol.

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@BeefoTheBold: Kanye West talks about his video game app.