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Pokemon Go Players Can Vote For Next Two Community Day Pokemon

Niantic is once again giving players a chance to vote on what the featured Pokemon will be for the game's next two Community Day events.


Niantic still has a couple of August events lined up for Pokemon Go this month, but the studio is already preparing for the game's next two Community Days, and it's once again giving players a say in those events.

Niantic has announced that September and October's Community Day Pokemon will be decided by voting. Player will be able to cast a ballot for four possible choices--Charmander, Caterpie, Grimer, and Porygon--and the winners will be featured during the game's next two Community Days.

Voting will be conducted via a 24-hour Twitter poll, which will go live tomorrow, August 22. You can read more details about the voting process--including what event-exclusive move each Pokemon will be able to learn if it's selected as one of the next two featured Pokemon--on the official Pokemon Go website.

This is the second time this year that Niantic has given players a chance to vote on a Community Day's featured Pokemon. The studio held a similar poll back in May that featured Squirtle, Weedle, Gastly, and Sandshrew. Weedle earned the most votes and was featured during June's Community Day, while runner-up Gastly was July's featured Pokemon.

In the meantime, the third and final Ultra Unlock event of the summer, Unova Week, is underway until August 21. Throughout that time, Gen 5 Pokemon like Sewaddle, Cottonee, and Emolga will appear in the wild much more often than usual, while the Mythical Genesect will appear in five-star Raids. Niantic is also hosting another makeup event, which will give players another chance to earn the Timed Research rewards from Dragon Week.

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