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Pokemon Go Players Are Walking Way Too Close to Minefields in Bosnia

Getting that Pokemon is really not worth wandering into a landmine.


Pokemon Go has become a cultural phenomenon and people across the world are playing it. Players are exploring cities, parks, forests, and everywhere else as they attempt to complete their Pokedexes. Some people, however, have been taking the exploration a little too far: players in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been wandering a bit too close for comfort to minefields.

The organization Posavina Bez Mina (Bosnia Without Mines), a de-mining agency, has issued a warning to players of Pokemon Go that they should take care to avoid areas of the country that are known to still have mines buried.

Minefield in Bosnia, image courtesy of Demira
Minefield in Bosnia, image courtesy of Demira

In a statement on Facebook, the group explained, "Today we received information that there are cases where users of the application Pokemon Go have frequented hazardous areas to find Pokemon. We ask all citizens not to do so and to respect posted signs of mine threats and not to venture into areas that are unknown to them."

According to another de-mining group, landmines pose a serious problem in the Balkan country. There are an estimated 120,000 mines left over from the Bosnian Civil War that took place in the mid-1990s, and at least 600 people have died from accidents with landmines since the war ended.

This is a recent example in a growing list of strange events involving Pokemon Go, including a player driving into a cop car and a man shooting at two players who he thought were thieves. The Japanese government has also released a warning urging players to be safe when the game launches in Japan soon.

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