Pokemon Go Now Works With Pokemon Home, But There's A Catch ('Em All)

Transferring a Pokemon out of Niantic's mobile game may not be as simple as you'd hoped.


Pokemon Home first launched in February 2020, and now after a long wait, it will finally allow players to transfer their Pokemon from Pokemon Go to their Pokemon Sword and Shield games. Some players are finding the limitations on transfers too extreme, however, with the service only available to Level 40 Pokemon Go players, along with extensive wait times for transfers.

While previously select Pokemon were able to be transferred from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home using the Pokemon Let's Go! games as an in-between, now transfers can be made directly to Home. Pokemon can't be transferred back to Pokemon Go, however, so be careful with what you transfer.

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According to Serebii.net, the transfer option is currently only available to players at Level 40, and works on an 'energy' basis. The Go Transporter slowly recharges energy for transfers, with a maximum of 10,000 energy stored. To recharge the maximum, players will either have to wait 6 days and 23 hours, or pay 1000 PokeCoins for a full charge. This may take a while for you, depending on your roster.

Energy costs range from 10 for a standard Pokemon to a full 10,000 for a shiny mythical Pokemon, with additional costs for high CP. Stat conversion is calculated with the same method as transfers into Pokemon Let's Go!

Due to the differences in the games, some multi-form Pokemon will change form when transferred, while most of Pokemon Go's special event Pokemon and a few Pokemon types can't be transferred at all. Players who transfer a Pokemon out of Pokemon Go will get a one-time gift of a Gigantamax-capable Melmetal.

While a lot of Pokemon fans have been waiting eagerly for this function, many aren't happy with the extensive wait times or the high level requirement.

Niantic has released a support article explaining how the integration works, as well as how to link your account to Pokemon Home. While the feature is currently only available for level 40 players, it appears Niantic will be rolling it out to lower level players in the future. If you don't want to power-level, it could be better to just wait.

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