Pokemon Go: New Legendary, Regirock, Now Available For A Limited Time

Another Legendary has arrived.

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Registeel may no longer be available in Pokemon Go, but a new Legendary has taken its place. From now until September 20, the third and final member of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire's Legendary titan trio, Regirock, will appear as a Raid Boss at Gyms around the world.

Like the previous two titans, Regirock has high defensive stats, although that's offset a bit by its long list of weaknesses. Being a Rock-type, Regirock is particularly susceptible to Grass, Water, Ground, Fighting, and Steel attacks, so you'll want to leverage its many vulnerabilities to your advantage when taking one on.

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To catch Regirock, you'll first need to team up with other players at a Gym where a Regirock Raid Battle is taking place and challenge the Legendary Pokemon. If you're able to successfully topple it, you'll be rewarded with Premier Balls and the opportunity to catch it. You can read more details about Regirock on the official Pokemon website.

Regirock isn't the only new Pokemon players will be able to add to their collections this month; Celebi will also soon appear as part of a new Special Research questline, which kicks off on August 20. These tasks will be distributed by Professor Willow, and completing enough of them will lead to an encounter with the Mythical Pokemon. Other Gen 2 monsters will also appear more frequently to coincide with Celebi's arrival, and new Johto-inspired avatar items will be available from the in-game store.

Beyond that, Niantic will wrap up the Pokemon Go Summer Tour 2018 with a Safari Zone event in Yokosuka, Japan, from August 29 to September 2. Even if you can't attend the event in person, you'll be able to participate in special Global Challenges to help unlock rewards and bonuses for all players. The next Community Day, meanwhile, takes place on September 22 and features Chikorita.

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