Pokemon Go: More Legendary Pokemon Are Available Now In Raids

Registeel, Cresselia, and other strong Pokemon will appear in Raids ahead of the start of Go Battle League's first season.


Not only is March packed with events for Pokemon Go, but also Legendary Pokemon. In addition to Thundurus, which recently made its debut in the game, Niantic is bringing back a handful of Legendaries for special Raid weekends throughout the month, and now you'll get another chance to catch a few other Legendary Pokemon that could help bolster your PvP teams.

To help players prepare for the inaugural season of the Go Battle League, Pokemon Go's online PvP mode, a few powerful Legendaries like Registeel and Cresselia will return to Raids for a limited time. Niantic hasn't yet announced how long the Legendaries will be around, but you'll be able to encounter them starting at 8 AM local time on March 10.

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The first season of the Go Battle League kicked off at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on March 13. As was the case during the preseason, the format will rotate every two weeks, beginning with the Great League. As you win battles, you'll improve your rank and earn rewards, including encounters with rare Pokemon, such as the aforementioned Thundurus and the exclusive Pikachu Libre.

Originally, you first needed to walk 5 km to gain entry into the Go Battle League; however, Niantic has removed that restriction for the next 30 days.

Beyond that, there are a lot of events lined up for Pokemon Go this month. A "mysterious" weekend event is set for March 20, and the following week will see the return of the Psychic Spectacular, which will make Psychic-type Pokemon more plentiful for a limited time. March's Community Day, which was set to feature the Psychic Pokemon Abra, however, has been postponed.

On top of that, a new Team Rocket Special Research quest is available this month; if you can defeat Giovanni, you'll earn a chance to catch Shadow Entei. A new batch of Field Research tasks is also available. Each time you achieve a Research Breakthrough this month, you'll encounter the Gen 5 Pokemon Ferroseed, whose evolved form--Ferrothorn--is another handy Pokemon in PvP battles.

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