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Pokemon Go Might Finally Have Hit Its Peak Number of Users in the US

The mighty hasn't fallen, but it might've plateaued.


Pokemon Go is a cultural sensation, and it had a better first week in terms of downloads on iOS devices than any other iOS app in history. It seemed like it would never slow down--but according to new data from survey company SurveyMonkey, the app might have finally reached its peak number of users, at least in the US.

SurveyMonkey published a bunch of data from surveys it had conducted, and it appears that downloads of the app have tapered off and plateaued. While its first week saw a huge spike in downloads, the influx of new users has not surprisingly slowed since then. To reach this conclusion, the company looked at three different data sets: daily active users, downloads, and Google search frequency.

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As you can see from the graph of active users that SurveyMonkey compiled, people are beginning to stop using the app. From a peak of over 25 million active users, there are now just over 20 million. To be clear, this is still an absurd number of users, and the app is downloaded on an incredible number of iPhone and Android devices. But the data suggests that Pokemon Go, even though it is a mobile juggernaut, still is affected by normal app usage trends.

Of course, the Google search stats reinforce just how massive the Pokemon Go phenomenon is. While they also corroborate the plateau, a comparison between "Pokemon Go" and other popular terms like "Trump," "Taylor Swift," and "Battlefield" shows just how pervasive the game is in popular culture right now.

Also, take this decline with a grain of salt, because it only counts US users. With Pokemon Go having just launched in Japan, it's unlikely that it'll truly lose its popularity any time soon.

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