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Pokemon Go Mega Manectric Raid Guide: Best Counters, Weaknesses, Raid Hours, And More Tips

A mega version of a shocking Hoenn-era Pokemon will soon be available in a Mega Raid.


Niantic has announced the full schedule of Mega Raids for Pokemon Go in April, and trainers could find themselves zapped by a powerful Electric-type Mega Pokemon starting April 5.

Mega Manectric has been named as the next Pokemon Go Mega Raid, running from April 5 until April 12. Mega Manectric's time as the star of the Mega Raid runs concurrently with the overarching Season of Alola event introducing Generation VII Pokemon into the mobile game. Mega Manectric will follow the current Mega Raid inhabitant Mega Charizard Y, who is burning Trainers up from now until April 5. We're not sure when Mega Manectric will return to the raid circuit, so if you're going to challenge it check out our tips below.

Mega Manectric will be the spotlighted Pokemon Go mega raid starting April 5.
Mega Manectric will be the spotlighted Pokemon Go mega raid starting April 5.

What's A "Mega" Pokemon?

Before we begin, let's answer a simple question: what makes a "Mega" Pokemon different from a normal one? First introduced in 2013's Pokemon X and Y, Mega Evolutions were a temporary power-up that designated Pokemon had access to, giving that Pokemon access to a more powerful form so long as the player had collected the correct corresponding item during the adventure.

In Pokemon Go, a Pokemon with a Mega form can access it by consuming Mega Energy specific to that Pokemon, earned through activities like research tasks and catching other Pokemon. The first transformation to Mega form will cost 200 Mega Energy, while future transformations will cost 40.

Mega Pokemon not only have increased statistics, but they offer a damage boost to other Pokemon participating in a raid. The transformation only lasts for eight hours though, so be sure you're going to maximize the time given.

Mega Manectric Raid Schedule

Mega Manectric enters the Mega Raid ring starting April 5 at 10 AM local time, remaining there until 8 PM on April 12. Unfortunately the game does not follow any set schedules with its raid--Mega Raids are one of six ranks a raid can be once the countdown begins--but the game constantly tells you who's around to raid, so just keep an eye out. Mega Raids, specifically, are indicated by a special red egg.

Mega Manectric Weaknesses And Counters

Mega Manectric is a pure Electric-type Pokemon, which has maintained the same weaknesses and resistances since the days of the Game Boy. Therefore, longtime Pokemon veterans or even those who left and came back to the ways of Pokemon will know how to prepare for this Mega Raid.

Ground-type moves are the only type in the entire game that will do extra damage to Mega Manectric, so you will need to load up your team with Ground-types and fight with the power of the earth. Donphan, Hippowdon, Groudon, and the original Kanto forms of Marowak and Sandslash are all pure Ground-types, which will lend a big hand in the Mega Manectric battle. If those choices aren't available to you, Garchomp, Mamoswine, and Rhyperior all have a second type that isn't weak to Electric-type moves, making them all valid options as well

Types To Avoid

Mega Manectric's pure electricity means he is resistant to three attack types: Electric, Flying, and Steel. Try to avoid the Electric-type mirror match with a Pokemon like Electivire, Steel-types like Steelix should stay at the forge, and this time keep birds like Zapdos and Pidgeot safely in their nests. Also, while Mega Manectric doesn't resist these attacks, do not bring any Water-type Pokemon to this raid. It will not end well for you.

There's still a few days left before Mega Manectric joins the Mega Raid roster, so get yourself ready by taking on the current five-star raid Tapu Lele or the Mega Charizard Y Mega Raid if you haven't done so already.

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