Pokemon Go March Community Day Will Celebrate Sandshrew And Alolan Sandshrew

The Kanto Ground-type Pokemon and its Alolan Ice-type variant will be March's marquee 'mons.


As usual a new month will bring a new Pokemon Go Community Day, but this time the regular event will continue the celebration of the Alolan addition to the game with a Pokemon who received a whole new look in Alola.

Sandshrew is in the spotlight for the Pokemon Go March Community Day, which is scheduled for March 13 from 11 AM to 5 PM local time. An exclusive special research story called Gritty And Glacial will also be available to players who purchase a ticket via the in-game shop for $1.

Sandshrew is the next focus of Community Day.
Sandshrew is the next focus of Community Day.

Both the Kanto version from the first generation of Pokemon and the Alolan variant will be featured during the Pokemon Go March Community Day, with unique perks given to both forms throughout the day. Trainers that evolve the original Sandshrew into Sandslash during the event will give the evolved form the unique Night Slash move, while Alolan Sandshrews that become Alolan Sandslash will learn the exclusive Shadow Slash attack.

Other perks during the event will include extended durations for both the Incense and Lure Module items, as well as a free item bundle in the shop. The full list of event bonuses is below:

  • Egg Hatch Distance reduced by 75% when an egg is placed in an Incubator
  • Incense duration increased to three hours
  • Lure Module duration increased to three hours
  • Shop exclusives:
    • Unique Community Day Box with 30 Ultra Balls, 3 Super Incubators, 4 Lucky Eggs, 1 Elite Charged TM (1,280 PokéCoins)
    • Community Day free gift containing 30 Ultra Balls
  • Event-themed stickers from PokéStops, Gifts and the in-game shop
  • A "surprise" when taking snapshots

The Pokemon Go March Community Day comes during the new Season of Alola event, which officially adds Generation 7 Pokemon like Rowlet and Litten to Pokemon GO. The event was first announced during the Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents livestream, alongside the brand-new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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