Pokemon Go "Likely" to Be Released for Android Wear Devices

Niantic Labs exec says players with Android watches will likely be able to use Pokemon Go on them in the future.


Following the announcement that Pokemon Go will support Apple Watch, developer Niantic Labs has said it is "pretty likely" the game will also be available for Android Wear devices in the future.

Speaking to Tech Crunch, John Hanke, Niantic's chief executive, said the studio's goal is to "evangelize this whole concept of playing games outside, real world games." Supporting as many devices as possible, it seems, is a key part of this goal.

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"[We think Apple Watch] is a great vehicle for that," he said. "As other devices come on the market--if those are Android Wear devices or if they are devices from other quadrants that are interesting for gameplay and mobility, and being active--we'll look into supporting those too."

Asked specifically about Pokemon Go being released for Android Wear, Hanke added,"I think it's pretty likely."

Pokemon Go for Apple Watch was announced on September 8. Using the device players can see how far they need to walk to hatch eggs, how much more XP you need to level up, and nearby Pokemon. Unfortunately, you'll still have to get out your phone to catch Pokemon.

During Apple's iPhone 7 reveal event, Niantic confirmed Pokemon Go has been downloaded more than 500 million times around the world. Additionally, players have walked more than 4.6 billion kilometers while playing.

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