Pokemon Go Legendary Week Offers A Chance To Catch Groudon And More

Here's another chance to add Groudon and Kyogre to your collection.

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With the second Pokemon Go Community Day approaching, developer Niantic has announced another, unrelated event that is now underway. And if you missed out on the opportunity to catch two of the previous Legendary Pokemon that were available in the game, you're in luck, as they're back for a limited time.

As part of Pokemon Go Legendary Week, which is now underway, both Kyogre and Groudon have returned to Raid Battles, where they can be found alongside Rayquaza. Groudon was the first Gen 3 Legendary added to the game and was available to face during December and January. Kyogre then took its place until mid-February, when it was replaced by Rayquaza, which will stick around until March 16.

Despite the name, Legendary Week will last more than a week--it runs from now until March 5, giving you a total of about 10 days to get your hands on the returning Legendaries. To further mix things up, the specific Legendaries that are taken down during that period will have an additional effect. Should Rayquaza be defeated more than Kyogre and Groudon combined, eggs hatched from March 5-16 will be more likely to contain "Pokemon that typically prefer windy weather," such as Bagon. Alternatively, Pokemon who like sunny or rainy weather (Trapinch or Lotad, for example) will be more likely to hatch.

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As of February 24, Niantic is offering a new special box for purchase that contains Raid Passes "to help you prepare." No further specifics were shared. February 24 was also the date of the second Community Day event. This three-hour event provided various bonuses and, more notably, the opportunity to catch or evolve a rare Pokemon with a special move. Another Pokemon Go Community Day event is also on the way, and for a limited time, you can catch a special Pikachu right now.

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