Pokemon Go Legendary Articuno Returns Saturday

Players have another chance to catch the Legendary bird on July 7.

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The Pokemon Go Summer Tour made its first stop this past weekend with a special Safari Zone event in Dortmund, Germany. During the event, players around the world had a chance to participate in Global Challenges, and developer Niantic has revealed the reward for their efforts: another opportunity to catch the Legendary bird Articuno.

This Saturday, July 7, Articuno will return to Raid Battles for a limited time. The Legendary Ice-type will only be available for three hours, but Niantic has confirmed it will be the only Tier 5 Raid Boss going on around the world during that window of time, temporarily replacing the game's current Legendary, Regice.

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Moreover, the developer teases that players may have a chance of encountering a rare Shiny Articuno, giving you an added incentive to stop by a Gym this Saturday even if you already have one in your collection. Additionally, players will receive five Raid Passes for free when they spin a Photo Disc at a Gym. The Raid Passes are required to participate in Raids.

Global Challenges will also be available during Pokemon Go's next two real-world events, Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago (which takes place July 14-15), and the recently announced Safari Zone in Yokosuka City, Japan (August 29 - September 2). Niantic hasn't announced what reward players will earn for achieving the global goal during each of those events, though it seems likely they'll unlock additional opportunities to capture the other two Legendary birds, Zapdos and Moltres.

Pokemon Go players also have the game's next Community Day to look forward to this weekend. The event takes place on Sunday, July 8, and features the Gen 1 starter Squirtle. Those who complete Field Research tasks during the Community Day will also have a chance to find a Squirtle wearing sunglasses, like the Squirtle Squad from the Pokemon anime. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Regice will be available in Raid Battles until July 19.

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