Pokemon Go: Legendary Articuno Available Again Soon Through New Research Quests

You'll soon have another chance to get Articuno.


Pokemon Go players have a handful Legendaries to add to their collections right now, but another one will soon be available in the game. Developer Niantic announced that it will roll out a new batch of research quests next week, which can lead to an encounter with the Legendary Ice-type Articuno.

Beginning June 1 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET, players will be able to find a new assortment of Field Research tasks when visiting Pokestops. Niantic hasn't detailed what these quests will entail, only that they'll revolve around Water-type Pokemon. By completing the quests and earning enough Stamps, players will achieve a Research Breakthrough, with the reward being another chance to capture Articuno, one of the first Legendaries to appear in the game.

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Since they were implemented in Pokemon Go earlier this year, Field Research quests have provided players another avenue for capturing certain Legendary Pokemon outside of Raid Battles. The first set of Field Research quests focused on Fire-types and led to an encounter with Moltres, while the most recent batch revolved around Electric- and Flying-type Pokemon, with Zapdos waiting for those who were able to complete enough of them.

Before Articuno returns, players can still capture the Eon Pokemon, Latios and Latias. The two recently began appearing in new regions and are scheduled to leave the game on June 5. The Legendary bird Ho-Oh also recently returned to Raid Battles and will be available until June 7.

On top of all the aforementioned Legendaries, Alolan forms are set to arrive in Pokemon Go soon. Additionally, Niantic is kicking off a new in-game Adventure Week event, which runs until June 5 and makes Rock-type Pokemon easier to find. The next Community Day will follow shortly after on June 16 and also features a Rock-type, Larvitar.

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