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Pokemon Go Launches New Event To Catch Previously Region-Exclusive Pokemon

Gotta catch that one specific monster.


Pokemon Go's latest event, titled the Global Catch Challenge, is now live worldwide. It tasks players with catching huge numbers of Pokemon to earn rewards for everyone. The top level prize will see Farfetch'd being made available to catch around the world after previously being exclusive to Japan. Japanese players, meanwhile, will receive the previously Australia-exclusive Kangaskhan.

Those rewards will unlock at Gold level--after 3 billion Pokemon are caught around the world. Bronze level (500 million monsters caught) has already been reached, unlocking double XP and 6-hour lures. If you want to join and help the community get to 3 billion catches, you'd better be swift: the event ends on Sunday, November 26.

Developer Niantic continues to support Pokemon Go, though it does have at least one more project in the pipeline. The company confirmed last week that it's making a new title called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The developer did say, however, that making that game would not mean it would stop supporting Pokemon Go.

In addition to the new event, Pokemon Go also has new Pokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon cosmetic items available now. Those 3DS games launched last Friday, and we awarded them a 8/10 in our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon review. For lots more on the new games, check out this breakdown of the key differences between Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

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