Pokemon Go: Last Chance To Catch This Legendary; Get Ready For Zapdos Day

A shocking return.

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Whether you've been part of the festivities in Chicago or celebrating in your own hometown, today is the last day you'll be able to capture Lugia in raid battles during Pokemon Go Fest. But the fun will continue on July 21, which is Zapdos day.

Lugia made an exclusive return for this weekend's festivities, and each region of the world will have to complete Professor Willow's challenges for special rewards rolling out tomorrow, starting with candy bonuses for catching Pokemon and participating in raid battles. There might also be a reward that will make the walking distance for eggs shorter.

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If every challenge is completed, Zapdos day will be even brighter. On July 21, every player that spins a photo disc at a gym will get five free raid passes to participate in the three-hour long raid battle window for Zapdos. There will be chances to catch a shiny Zapdos and all of them will know the fast attack thundershock.

In other Pokemon Go news, Pikachu's got a special summer style and August's community day has been detailed. Target also has an adorable (or creepy) line of Pokemon Funko Pop figures that are super effective at taking your money.

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