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Pokemon Go Landorus Guide: Shiny Landorus, Weaknesses, Counters, And More Tips

The Legendary Gen 5 Pokemon is back in five-star Raids until March 6; here are some tips to help you beat and catch Incarnate Forme Landorus.


Pokemon Go's Season of Legends is now underway, and as part of the new content season, Landorus is back in Raids for a limited time. The Legendary Abundance Pokemon is appearing as a five-star Raid boss from now until March 6, and this time, you'll have a chance to encounter Shiny Landorus. To help you add the Legendary Pokemon to your collection, we've rounded up some tips on how to beat and catch Landorus below.

Landorus Raid Schedule

Incarnate Forme Landorus is appearing in Pokemon Go again until 8 AM local time on March 6, giving you only a few days to capture it. To participate in a Landorus Raid, you'll need to have either a Raid Pass (to join the battle in-person) or a Remote Raid Pass (to join the battle remotely). You can get one Remote Raid Pass as part of Niantic's free weekly item bundles, which are available in Pokemon Go's in-game shop every Monday in March.

Incarnate Forme Landorus
Incarnate Forme Landorus

Following Landorus's departure, Incarnate Forme Tornadus will appear in Raids again until March 11, while Incarnate Forme Thundurus will be available from March 11-16. After that, the Legendaries will each return to Raids in their Therian Formes--the first time these variants will be available in Pokemon Go. Therian Forme Landorus will appear sometime in April.

How To Catch Shiny Landorus

As previously mentioned, you'll have a chance to encounter Shiny Landorus during its current stint as a Raid boss. However, your odds of finding one are fairly small, and there's no way to tell if Landorus is Shiny until you've defeated it and made it to the catching phase. If you're hoping to catch a Shiny version, your best chance is to participate in as many Landorus Raids as you can before the Legendary leaves the game again.

Landorus Weaknesses And Counters

Landorus is a Ground/Flying Pokemon. Thanks to this unusual combination, certain types that normally have an advantage over Flying Pokemon--such as Electric and Rock--only deal neutral damage to Landorus. Likewise, since it's part-Flying, Grass Pokemon (which are normally strong against Ground types) will only do neutral damage to Landorus.

Despite this, Landorus has some glaring weaknesses, particularly to Ice Pokemon. Since both Ground and Flying are weak to Ice, Ice Pokemon will deal four times as much damage as normal to the Legendary, making them your best choice when battling Landorus. Water Pokemon also have a type advantage over Landorus, making them good alternatives. You can see some solid Pokemon of each type below:

  • Ice: Lapras, Mamoswine, Glaceon, Weavile, Kyurem, Galarian Darmanitan
  • Water: Mega Blastoise, Mega Gyarados, Kyogre, Swampert, Feraligatr, Palkia

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