Pokemon Go: July's Field Research Introducing Shiny Spinda Along With More Legendaries

Speed Forme Deoxys is also coming to EX Raids soon.


July is right around the corner, which means Pokemon Go players will soon have a new batch of Field Research tasks to complete. Niantic is rolling out a new set of quests for its hit Pokemon mobile game next Monday, July 1 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET, and this time, the tasks will give you a chance to encounter more Legendaries, as well as another Shiny Pokemon.

From July through the beginning of September, each Research Breakthrough you achieve in Pokemon Go will lead to a chance to catch one of the following Legendaries: Latios, Latias, Kyogre (which is available for a limited time right now in Raid Battles), or Groudon. Additionally, Spinda featuring a new spot pattern will be available through new Field Research tasks, and those lucky enough will be able to encounter a Shiny version.

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As usual, you can acquire Field Research tasks by spinning the Photo Disc at Poke Stops. The first one you complete each day will reward you with a stamp; if you manage to collect seven stamps, you'll achieve a Research Breakthrough, which will then lead to an encounter with one of the aforementioned Legendaries. You can read more details on the official Pokemon Go website.

Before the new Field Research tasks arrive, Niantic is bringing a new Pokemon to EX Raids. Beginning June 23, players will be able to encounter the Speed Forme of the Mythical Pokemon Deoxys in EX Raids for the first time. Unlike standard Raid Battles, EX Raids are invite-only; you can only participate in one if you've receive an EX Raid Pass, and the only way to do that is if you've recently won a Raid at a qualifying Gym.

As previously mentioned, you don't need to wait for July's Field Research to find Kyogre. The Legendary Water Pokemon is available in standard Raid Battles again until June 27, when it'll be replaced by Groudon. Niantic is also bringing the Legendary dog Raikou back to Raids for a limited time. To reward players for completing enough Global Challenges during the recent Pokemon Go Fest event, Niantic is holding a Raikou Raid Day on Saturday, June 29, from 4-7 PM local time.

In other news, Niantic's Harry Potter mobile game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, is now live in the US and UK. The title was slated to launch on June 21, but has arrived in both regions a day early. While its premise is very similar to Pokemon Go's, Wizards Unite also differs in a few notable ways. You can read more about the game in our hands-on impressions of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, as well as some Wizards Unite features we think Pokemon Go should take.

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